Exploring & Discovering the value of Pine-base Chemicals and Biobased Monomers

Combining natural sustainability with technology and commercial applications

Bio-based products can make the economy more sustainable and lower its dependence on fossil fuels. For this reason, the EU has declared the bio-based products sector to be a priority area with high potential for future growth, reindustrialisation, and addressing societal challenges. An assessment done by the European Commission has indicated that bio-based products and biofuels represent approximately €57 billion in annual revenue and involve 300 000 jobs. According to forecasts, the bio-based share of all chemical sales will rise to 12.3% by 2015 and to 22% by 2020, with a compounded annual growth rate of close to 20%.

European Commission


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Driving Innovation


Biobased monomers are sustainable resources derived from volatile oil of plants. Friendly to the environment and precise targeting.


Basic research on various spices of plants has entered the application stage. More and more active ingredients are being discovered.

Commercial Application

From the laboratory to the papers and then to mass production in the factory. People will be able to purchase end products made from biobased raw materials in the market.